Bread given Daily

From Jeremiah 37: 11-21. A story of when Jeremiah was finally captured and put in jail, I found myself drawn to this line from verse 21: “a loaf of bread was given him daily from the bakers’ street, until all the bread of the city was gone.”

This is so very cool, in my opinion, obviously not for Jeremiah being sent to prison, but for the story of this prophet of God, who received his daily bread from Jerusalem, at least until it ran out…

We also are prophets of God, by virtue of our Baptism, we have been anointed ot speak the truth, proclaim the Gospel and to not be afraid of persecution or of getting a bad reputation. Because from the New Jerusalem –from heaven– we receive our daily bread from the Divine Baker, God. And his pantry of ingredient will never run out, and he always delivers. Plus we have countless saints in heaven who are partaking in the heavenly feast and they gladly come down and intercede for us, in a sense sharing from their portion of the heavenly banquet. So with God giving us fresh bread daily, and the saints interceding for us, we are filled with grace for today, every today that comes until we are able to take our places at the table of plenty.

Obviously this line can connect us to a line from the Our Father, “Give us this day our daily bread.” I love this line so much because whenever I pray them I’m reminded of my weakness and how much I rely on God, which is called the Double Abyss. Essentially what this refers to is two infinite abysses: the first is God’s Infinite Majesty; the second is our Infinite weakness. Meaning that we are weak and unable to reach infinity without outside assistance, but God is able to fill that infinite hole in our heart, because he is in actual fact Infinite. Put in other words you could say that we have an inherent weakness in our capaccity to contain infinity, and we have a pull towards those things that are beyond this finite world.

Another reason I get so excited about praying that specific line from the Our Father is because God does provide our daily bread, every second of every day, without which we’d be literally nothing, and I’m not exaggerating at all, God holds us in existence by thinking about and loving us with all his heart. Just imagine that! I can’t think of a more intimate love than His, he created us, knows everything in our hearts, he literally cannot forget you because of how much he loves you, and he literally holds us in existence. Plus his love for us doesn’t wane when we succumb to our weakness and sinfullness or when we fail to love ourselves or those around us. Forgiveness is a part of the daily bread we’re given by God, because as it says in Proverbs [24:16] “for though a righteous man falls seven times, he will get up.” Because he knows that he will be forgiven by the Father.

So Rejoice and be Glad! Because God is always going to take good care of you, even if you are gong through a substantial trial of suffering like Jeremiah in this reading, you must remember, this too shall pass. It might sound like I’m spouting cheap lines at you, but the reason they are so widespread and often quoted is because, quite often they turn out to be true. So remember that, if you feel like you’re in a hopeless situation, that even ‘Hopelessness’ has the word ‘Hope’ in it, and that you can turn to prayer to St. Jude, oft forgotten, but he is the patron of hopeless situations.

2 thoughts on “Bread given Daily

  1. Thanks Jason, this post “quickened my heart.” Lately I have been really grateful to God and by His grace found a resilience against my mistakes and bad things that come my way because if His loving presence. Praying “Give us this day our daily bread” with not only a sense if petition, but one of gratitude and trust is a beautiful reflection.


    • I’m glad that my reflection was able to encourage you on the journey. God always answers us when we pray, and there is a quote I am remembering from somewhere, “Pray as if you have already received what you are praying for, and you’ll find yourself receiving it.” The main thing is to have bold confidence in the Love of God


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