Hey everyone, I finally made it to this point. Starting a blog… is much more difficult than I thought it would be, but that is not why it took so long, I’ve kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure if this was actually what I should do, or if it was an exercise in stroking my own ego. Doubt crept in because I didn’t want to harbour pride in my heart because of this endeavor, but I realized that giving up was a suggestion from without, tempting me to give up on something that will really help people.

And with that being said This blog will be mostly be about my reflections on scripture, but I will include other assorted things that I notice, moments of beauty that I feel the need to share with all of you or any other thoughts about life I feel called to share.

Most of these scripture reflections will be an offshoot of a line that jumps out of me, for those into Scripture Scholarship, I’ll be interpreting these passages mostly Morally, that is how the passage or line can apply to our daily lives.


So earlier today I was reading from Jeremiah, Ch 37: 1-10; and the line that rebuked me was from verse 9, when it said: “do not deceive yourselves.”

Honesty. It begins with the small things, as does many other virtues, one of the toughest aspests of honesty is about being honest with yourself about your issues & your struggles, but not only that! We also need to be honest about our strengths and virtues. I know it sounds ridiculous, on the page like this, but it’s true, we overlook our strengths and talents out of a false understanding to practicing humility, or because of habit and forgetfulness.

I should mention before we get too far astray on a bunny trail that virtues have a pendulum scale, you see you have to be in the middle of it, it needs to be moderated, rather than at the extremes. You take the virtue on one hand and take away all that makes it happen, with honesty, you take away all of the truth and it becomes a lie. On the other hand you take the thing that makes the virtue happen and overemphasize it, with honesty this becomes bragging or boasting, whichever your preferred verb. Because while what you boast about might be true, it is obnoxious, and might not be as accurate as you tell people it is, or it is accurate with someone else’s information that is not in your moral power to disclose, anyways back to humility and honesty being connected.

We see humility sometimes as a virtue that is specifically Anti-Pride. But it is so much more than that, it is about childlikeness, which we see in St. Thérèse’s parable of the repentant child, in which we see the child who has broken one of [his/her] father’s rules, and, regretful and repentant, runs into the Father’s arms, knowing that the Father will be forgiving. And would not the same child be the kind of child who would consistantly ask the Father, “Watch what I can do!” and show off some skill or talent that they’ve been working on? We are to look at ourselves in the same light, to work on our virtues as if we are this child, looking to impress our Father. This might seem selfish at the first glance, however, this is added onto the fact that we are certain of God the Father’s love for us and we will try with all our might to get better at living virtuously, because we, like that child want to show God that we are in fact attempting to get better at being who we are meant to be. Above all this humility, what is known as the foundation of virtue, is intertwined with honesty, especially with ourselves, at how far we’ve come, and yet how far still we have to go, because we will see that we have indeed made progress, and yet we are progressing towards perfection, which we cannot have fully in this lifetime.

It is this idea that we find ourselves getting caught on, the fact that we have so far to go makes it seem as if the progress we made is infinitesimal. We tell ourselves a lie, a lie that is so very convincing we tell it to ourselves about many things in our lives, we say: “I have so far to go that what I’ve accomplished means basically nothing.” We might not say it out loud, but this is the sentiment that breeds doubt in ourselves about our abilities and causes us to choose not to pursue something that really attracts us in mission or scholarship or anything else you can imagine, because “I’ll never be good enough.” Or so we tell ourselves. See this is a very good lie crafted by the father of Lies, it is good because we believe it most of the time, especially when we are trying something new, or going beyond our comfort zone. This is his attempt to discourage us from trying to get better at anything because we’ll never be as good at living out that virtue as some other person.

Deny the Lie! You are Good, You are Worthy of Love, You are Worth Fighting For, You are Never Alone. Tell yourselves as many truths as you have to until you doubt that persistant lie, you know the one, the ones that come from within, or from without. And Do the same for other people as well, because we all struggle with this, no matter how many people try to shrug off the weight that it places upon their shoulders, we all seek approval of some sort, like little children. Because of this we need positive reinforcement, to be noticed for doing those things that help people, or in making progress in virtue, how lovely one of the ladies looks on this particular day or how dashing a man looks, or even if you notice that someone has lost weight or appreciating the artwork that someone is working on, or perhaps someone has been working on their wrist-shot in hockey. You get the idea. These words of affirmation are an excellent motivator on the journey towards heaven, and especially help people who are having a very bad day.

So Honestly? you need to be someone who brings one of the four transendentals into the world, Truth. And by doing so will show off the beauty of honesty, it is a hard ask, but start with the small, and you’ll be on your way to littleness.

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